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3 posts in a day : I'm feeling inspired for some reason.

I've never written to someone I didn't directly know, asking for help, without having some kind of expectation–or at least guarantee–of a response back. But today I am doing just that: writing to someone, for help, so indirect I have to throw this letter across the pond just so they can hear me. 

But as I said, I'm inspired. She's inspired me. I'm looking at her stuff and it's like that one friend back in grade school telling you from up high, you can climb the tree and you can reach them too. 

"I did it, you can too!"

It's a reach, the branches could easily break before any kind of fruition can take form, but sometimes it's that snap, the potential of standing on something shaky, and unsupported, that wakes us up; reminding us to pay attention. 

And I dunno if you've noticed, but when you're that high up, high enough to fall and it hurt, you'll see branches that go all the way down. I'm not saying they'll break your fall per se, but if you're paying attention, you can still reach out to them. They're a little lower than where you were, but still grab onto them–they can pull you back up. 

I guess I'm feeling sappy today too.

Tatyana Mann