collections of short narratives, rewritten episodes, & jovial cynicism





"I– [undoes a button frantically] don't– [undoes another, becoming further fluster] KNOW [exclaims, as She abandons the buttons on the back and grabs his shirt from the front, at the top, and rips all the way down the middle. She then beats her fists against his chest, in a deranged frenzy all her own, as He waits silently watching, letting her do it.] ! I DON'T KNOW! I DON'T KNOW! IDON'TKNOW! [the last "know" is punctured with a final fist to the chest, and She stops– heaving, sobbing and shuddering atop of him. He slowly brings his own hands to cover hers resting on his chest]


[mummering, her head down, body still shaking. She looks finally up at him; they lock eyes. After a beat, she collapses on top of him, nestling her head underneath his, head turned to the side. She closes her eyes.]


[tears fall. She opens her eyes] "I need to say 'goodbye' to you."

Tatyana Mann