collections of short narratives, rewritten episodes, & jovial cynicism




T n S

"Everyone says I'm the stronger one of the two of us; that you're weaker than me, but that's just not true. I can be just as weak as you."

[laughing] "Wow S, thanks."

[laughing as well] "I'm so serious dude!"

[pause, both still chuckling. S and T look off to the view of the city from their seats, perched on the roof]

[S's suddenly solemn, quieter] "– I think I'm actually weaker than you. [T turns to look at S.] If you're hurt, if you're sad...; if I see you weak in any way and I can't help you ... if I can't fix it for you ... I'm useless.

[pause. S finally meets T's gaze]

You are my weakness T. I am only as strong as you let me be."

Tatyana Mann