collections of short narratives, rewritten episodes, & jovial cynicism





Everyone keeps suggesting things to me. To do. Because I'm completely wayward, and perhaps lost, and haven't a clue on what to do.

That started out sarcastic, but it hit a little more true than I began to consider.

I understand I'm multi-talented, and I have interests in abundance; so while I thank the thoughts and the genuine submissions, they feel laced with an alluding to an idea that I'm lost. That what I'm currently doing isn't working, which is laughable because I'm not currently doing the "something" for it to be working or otherwise. And all these added ideas aren't clearing anything up, but adding to this muddlement.

...but, although I'm not where I need to be–and I'm not exactly sure the steps that lead me there–I'd like to add that I don't feel lost...; I'm definitely not at my goal, ... but I'm chiseling away at it. 

I concede: I can not be built in a day.

your turn.

Tatyana Mann