collections of short narratives, rewritten episodes, & jovial cynicism





I like annotation.

I like my life being unscripted, but documented in it’s own capsule, in a way that I can revisit.

I like how words sound when you put them together–I like their power, their effect.

I like their finite nature and flexibility through interpretation.

I like being able to express myself in a manner that’s unassuming, but results in a personal intrusion. I can’t hide from myself here.

I like being inspired by the most uninspiring things.

I like being concise. And I like adding fluff.

I like all the narratives that are my makeup.

I like the idea that I am not less emotionally driven because I am out of touch with my emotions, but because knowing that I am so emotional, I am able to tuck them away in pages and characters, and bring them out whenever necessary.

I just like writing shit down.

Tatyana Mann