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the moments we don’t often hear:
the right before trials & errors.
the right before mistakes.
the right before you won.

The Right Before

I am surrounded by success.

The success of my siblings, my friends, my peers.

To get away, I turn to the world around me; and the quickest way to do that is through my screens. But when I plug in, I’m tuned out further: on the tv, through the speakers, sûr mon mobile, I am sucked in further down a rabbit hole of people doing amazing things that I only get to view.

So I told myself–I said “you have 2 options: you can wallow or you can do something.”

So I wallowed.

I watched, and viewed and commented pleasantries with anxiety, envy and a growing sadness at all those doing, feeling more and more left behind.

voici mon secret

But wallowing only fueled so much before I became hungry yet again for something. My thing. It’s right here in front, around, beside, behind and all over me.

So I’m trying again and this time, hopefully, I’ll do something.

more often than not, we are funneled news from our elite about their successes.

And if we are shown their before pictures, it is only for a glimpse; from a point in time where they are the proud and society approved “after”.

But I still want to see the befores. I resonate with the befores of our world, and as supportive as I am of their conquests and triumphs, I can’t always relate to the afters; a lot of people can’t.

I can relate to seeing something so completely disrespectful and having to change it for your own sanity;

I can relate to starting a career that you have no professional background in, simply because you decided you can’t live without it in your life;

I can relate, to being stagnant in your own world, petrified to try to change your circumstance, BUT FINALLY being so uncomfortable that you have to.

I love origin stories–seeing and hearing where someone started, how they started, who they were. But we tend to glaze over the difficult parts in interviews, or we blend them with that general “before,” and focus entirely on where they are now.

and so I thought, dreamt and bring to you The Right Before.

This is a continuation of a project from a previous idea, that I didn’t know wasn’t fully formed until now. Opening the doors a little wider to include all, with a minority-centric agenda, I want to connect and inspire conversations based on feelings and moments in our lives we can all relate to. The feelings of want, anger, desperation, defeat, restlessness, resolve and resilience. The Right Before is a podcast that will hopefully highlight the moments before the innovators, creators, movers and shakers of our world felt like they “made it”–before they discovered themselves and were ultimately discovered, but a little after they tried.

I want to prod, poke, feel and reveal the moments they failed spectacularly–the moments that kept them going.

These won’t just be origin stories, but I deeper look into the why they started, the failed attempts & struggles they faced, and the potential resignations they made–all leading up to their eureka moment: that a-ha of “this is why I stayed; this is why I’m still trying.”

I am also a firm believer in the “village concept”, of getting help and shaping oneself based on the people you surround yourselves with. Regardless of your stature, everyone always had help from someone, so we’ll also invite the people that stepped in as their mentors, advisors, supporters and motivators both within and outside their fields, as viewers who had a front row seat of the journey. Then, as a kind of past-present-future blueprint, we’ll dive into how they’re paving it forward to those they are now mentoring: the “upcoming/ been-coming”. I find it just as interesting, and sometimes more relatable, to speak to those that gained their experience through passion, not time and how that propelled them to simply try.

And I want to talk to everyone.

i want to talk to everyone.

Writers, Doctors, Students, Athletes, Teachers, Activists, Comedians, Advisors, Therapists, Influencers, Coaches, Photographers, Models, Actors, Directors, Performers, Singers, Assistants, Social Workers, CEOs, Janitors–if you are doing something that you love, whatever it is, at whatever level–from world-renown to selectively noticed–I want to talk to you about not only how you got there, but why you stayed despite everything yelling at you to leave.

Because you could’ve quit. It’s so easy to quit.

But you didn’t. Something happened, right before you were going to, something happened.

Tell me about it.

Tatyana Mann